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Platform use cases.

We offer meticulous price monitoring and analysis for customizable and made-to-order products.

Pricing & Market Analysis

Maximize profits and keep pace with market trends and fluctuations.

Optimize Cross-Border Pricing

Understand market dynamics beyond your home country is crucial.

Brand protection

Ensure your brand's reputation stays intact by monitoring deals and prices.

Our Platform

Simplify decision-making with data insights.

Market Monitoring

Monitor prices at your set frequency. Choose a product, customize it, and let Noldra's engine fetch them for you, reliable and hassle free.

Data Analysis & Export.

Group, Segment and compare prices, costs and channels using our advanced dashboard. Export reports and raw data in CSV, XLS or JSON format.

Notifications & Updates

Set price changes rules based on channels, products and price variation and get Email and webhook alerts.

Startup, SMB or Enterprise? We’ve got you covered.

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